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Changelog for version 1.2:

Steam: 45 achievements added
Steam: Trading cards added
gameplay: encumbrancy of rare weapons increased (from average 10% to 50%)
gameplay: camouflage suit added to dominance resources
vehicles: vulcan tank added (minigun mounted tank type)
vehicles: Buggy added (fast combat transportation)

vehicles: Pigeon P5 bullet protection slightly decreased
vehicles: Jeep bullet protection slightly increased.
vehicles: patrol ship mortar increased sight range
calls: Buggy drop radio call added
weapons: microgun rare weapon added (now for real!)
weapons: javelin anti-tank weapon added
weapons: Benelli M4 suppressor rare stealth shotgun added
weapons: Kriss Vector rare stealth weapon added
weapons: TOW now slightly protects the user from incoming bullets
vest: EOD armor added (very effective vs. smaller explosions)
maps: new "Railroad gap" desert theme map added in invasion and quick match
maps: Frozen Canyon added to invasion map rotator (experimental)
maps: Frozen Canyon added to dominance map rotator (experimental)
maps: small fixes here and there
items: added camouflage suit also to quick match and dominance
items: 3 new valuables added
online: weapons sight range modifier handled server-side also in invasion
online: client faction in official invasion servers is now set to Brownpants
fix: overlays fixed on Mac
fix: camouflage suit now consumes on death
fix: tank call disable/enable with anti-air emplacement bug fixed
fix: workaround for badly built wall geometry with elevated ground
misc: hotkey channel support added for global/faction/squad/screen
misc: prisoner model for prison break side mission
misc: you can now blow the horn as a driver of some vehicles
misc: graycollars are now more visible in the mapview
misc: added missing base names and capture zone boundaries to the mapview for dominance

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