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Ganz interessant zu durchstöbern.



Silencer increases your hip spread by 34% for first bullet, decreases aimed spread for first bullet by 50% and decreases recoil by 10%
Heavy barrel cuts spread for first bullet in half, but increases spread added per shot with 50% and recoil 20%.
In other words, first bullets are more accurate but rest are the opposite. It's good for burst firing with weapons that have large base spread but little recoil.
Flash suppressor makes maximum hip spread 50% higer, which means that when holding down the fire button, spread will eventually grow higer than without f-suppressor.
Bipod makes everything way more accurate
Laser sight makes base hip spread 33% tighter. It doesn't affect ADS accuracy AT ALL -> Useless for snipers unless you unscope alot.
Foregrip decreases recoil angle. I'd guess it decreases horizontal recoil and makes recoil go more straight up rather than left or right.

"These are prepatch, but should be updated soon to reflect the changes."